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I'm (very) bad at self-promotion, never enjoyed piracy, never got co-opted by commercial interests and/or sucked into shilling, and (so far) haven't stopped blogging, 20 years into it. But I definitely miss the community of bloggers, such as they were. So hard to make an actual personal connection in today's internet. Social media, with its dopamine hits, has turned so many people away from actual conversation. Maybe Threads will be different? One can always hope.

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I miss the days of music blogs and the banter that came with them.

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Really nice piece, including some of my favorites! While she uses Tiny Letter instead of Substack, I’m always happy when Tracy Wilson’s Turntable Report pops into my inbox: https://tinyletter.com/turntablereport/letters/turntable-report-080-half-year-faves-a-little-late-top-sellers-rocky-co-pilot-famous-mammals-gespensterland. I’ll also submit my humble blog, AnEarful, turning obsessed listeners onto an eclectic array of today’s (mostly) music since 2009. Cheers!

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Really honored to see Hear Hear on this list — thank you! A few more recommendations from me:

Fluxblog by @Matthew Perpetua: https://fluxblog.substack.com/

Carefully Curated by @Patrick Mahan: https://carefullycurated.substack.com/

Record Store by @Amaya Lim: https://recordstore.substack.com/

Plus, I have a longer list of favorite curators here: https://hearhear.substack.com/p/curating-the-curators

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